Clive Jackson

The Rev. Doctor Clive Jackson 

The Rev. Dr. Clive Jackson created Doctor and the Medics back in the hedonistic days of Yuppies, chunky mobile phones and New Romanticism. But the good Doctor didn’t draw his inspiration from this booming, yet often culturally bland landscape. His musical direction was steered by the musical echoes of his hero’s from far more colourful and diverse times; his dance was to the beats of Psychedelia, Glam Rock and Punk and his look and lyrics were a Pre-Goth nod to Victorian Dickensian fashion and imagery. In the slick, padded shoulder power executive World of the 80’s, The Doctor would not be seen in the smart, brash night clubs of the fashionistas of the day. He much preferred his natural habitat, haunting the shadows of “Alice in Wonderland” his pseudo psychedelic Night club in the depths of darkest Soho. 

His chalk faced demeanour was more Hammer Horror than Saint Trope! Even when the band graced the top of the charts all over the World with “Spirit in the Sky” there were always tales of the unexpected to be found when you looked beneath their veneer of glamour that was worn oh so well with rouge coloured pouts hiding tongues firmly in cheeks! The band’s last studio album “Instant Heaven” along with the one they are currently recording, show even more of the Doctor’s dark Gothic obsessions and keen interest in the bizarre and surreal World he so loves to haunt. The band’s live performances have always been a great vehicle for The Doctor to bring a theatrical vaudevillian twist to the Arena of Rock which is sadly often lost in self important pose and presentation.

When the Medics play the Rock and Roll Circus comes to town replete with the ringmaster, The Doctor! In recent years the Doctor, Clive Jackson, has had the opportunity to do some acting work, including a brief cameo as a 400 year old dead Barron in the film “The Howling”. Is there a role more suited to The Doctor? YES! The Rev. Dr Clive Jackson is now cast as the narrator of POEZEST! A theatrical multimedia presentation containing the work of legend Edgar Allan Poe, as reimagined by Mike Bennett. This macabre surreal tale of murder, mystery and Machiavellian intrigue, brings together many of the elements that have inspired the Doctor throughout his career. Performance wise Clive, The Doctor, has a chance to immerse himself into a Dark, Gothic landscape and indulge in characters and narrative that are not without humour. All of which appeals greatly to a man inspired as he has been throughout the years by such sinister and visionary works, indeed he is ready to be..... POEZEST!!! .